Can The Little Guy Ever Get Good Google Rankings?

For little guys trying to promote his business in the internet, the question is “Can he get good Google ranking? If that is the question then the answer is yes, he could if he wants to. The internet is not for the big guys alone, the small guys could have a better chance of nailing it big in the rankings but this one should come with more effort. Unlike with the big guys, they have already established their presence with their brand. It is just a matter of ensuring that they stay on top and will continue with their SEO campaigns to stay there.

The small guys
However, these small guys are just starting, and they have the drive to succeed with very little to lose. He therefore can take small steps to reach his goal. As long as the SEO he is promoting is consistent, then it is possible to reach the top of the Google rankings In fact some of the big guys started as small players too before they succeeded. So, let’s learn.

How to get started?
Are you aware where your website traffic is coming from? If you are depending on the people to just find you through their Google search then you need to prioritize you search engine optimization (SEO). Here are hard facts:

  1. Your business cannot get leads if noone finds you. – Statistically 93% of the internet experience started using the search engine. When someone makes a search the Google’s top results has 33% chance of getting clicked. So if you happen to be on the second page of the search result you are missing out 1/3 of the potential traffic to your site.
  • Sadly those in the second page are only checked by 75% of the people. The reason is that there are other websites that are ranking higher than you are since they are consistent with their SEO campaign.
  • This scenario does not mean it is over for you. You can still start your campaign but you need to do certain things to enhance your chances of getting ranked in Google searches.

Final Take
That is where you need all the information related to SEO optimizations which is found in the internet. You can study them carefully and understand each of the concepts behind.Then plan out actions to cover each of them. By doing them individually you will be able to fix your actions, test them and evaluate the results. If it is not as effective as you had hoped to be, analyze the reason and make changes. This is a trial and error methods, the one who will get on top is the one who perseveres.