How To Choose Target Keywords For Your Website

What are keywords?
Basically target keywords are the words that are appropriate to add to your website, this will make your website pop out in any search engine and searches of potential users. Keywords are important in SEO as this will serve as your marker in Search Engines. It works like a landmark basically as this is how users and potential customers will find your site. The more traffic you get the more relevant you are thus effectively promoting your site. The relevance of keyword to SEO will be discusses later but be aware that keywords is one most important part of SEO.

The relevance of SEO and Keywords
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the way it works can be explained however it can get too complicated but to better understand its function I am going to give an example. Have you ever searched for a song that you cannot remember the title however you can remember some of its lyrics? Then you would use Google to type in those lyrics you can remember then you will get the title finally? SEO has the same process, only it is connected to business. Another scenario to explain this is if you ever had moved in to a city that you are not familiar at all however you need to find the nearest store as you badly need something then you use Google to search for the nearest store. That situation basically explains why keywords is so important with SEO. Keywords basically are the ones that your potential customers encode in order for them to find your store thus target keywords are so important.

How should you choose your keyword?

  • The first thing you need to know and get familiar with is relevance. Your keyword need to be relevant to the searches that your potential customer make. Imagine, if you own a restaurant then you suddenly appear in a search pet foods isn’t that disastrous? The thing is the keyword need to be relevant to what your store or business has to offer.
  • The relevance of the topic of your keywords. Of course you need to keep up with the modern topics right? SEO works like social media marketing in a way. Do you see how influencers tags different word in their posts or Youtube videos? You need to be in the topic and to know what’s trending to gain more visibility. An example of this is how makeup products uses tags like no filter make up to promote their products.